Patient Billing Preferences by Generation

Reviewing the Research on Generational Patient Billing Preferences

The data on digital

  • Gen Z (1997–2003)
  • Millennials (1981–1996)
  • Gen X (1965–1980)
  • Baby Boomers (1946–1964)
  • Silents (1928–1945)

Trends in text notification

Dramatic growth for email

Payment method preferences

Enhanced care coordination

Access to electronic health records

Widespread digital adoption

  • Search for practice reviews (79 percent)
  • Check personal health information (71 percent)
  • Search for doctor, hospital, or health system costs (66 percent)
  • Schedule practice appointments (55 percent)

Understanding Best Practices for Payment

  • Offer clients the choice between traditional and electronic communications, or both where desired.
  • Provide robust education for clients who want to transition to digital but are new to electronic payments.
  • Preserve client trust and loyalty through an efficient, secure digital user experience.
  • Consider EHR implementation if your practice relies on paper charts.
  • Coordinate care with payers and other providers to prevent costly service duplication and improve the quality of patient care.



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