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3 Easy Ways to Modernize Your Patient Statements and Payments with Technology

It’s not a secret that technology in healthcare lags behind other industries like restaurants and retail. Hospitals still use old-fashioned technologies like fax machines, and patients are required to keep track of and provide their records to every new doctor they visit. Not only does this issue add extra hassle to both patients and healthcare employees alike, but a wide-spread solution to this problem is still years away

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As an employee of a medical office, physicians practice, or any healthcare related business, you may not be able to solve this problem for the entire industry. However, you can take steps within your office to implement modern technology that simplifies services for employees and patients.

Medical billing is an essential function of all practices, and one of the easiest areas to add advanced technology. By doing so, you save valuable staff time and ease the process for confused patients. Let’s look at three ways you can use technology to modernize your patient statements and payments.

1. Payment Portals

Online payment portals allow for patients to log in, enter their personal and payment information, then submit their payment within minutes! Many people use these portals for banking or credit card payments, so it only makes sense to implement the technology in healthcare payments as well. This process is much simpler than mailing in a check, which can result in faster payment from the patient.

2. QR Codes

Quick response codes are scannable images that guide your smartphone to a specific website. By placing these on statements, patients can scan the code and bypass the need to sign in to their payment portal. Their personal information will already be embedded within the code, so they only need to enter their payment information to complete the process. This technology allows for the patient payment process to take only minutes, which increases the likelihood that the patient will make the payment.

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3. eStatements

Sending patient communications via email can be an extremely effective way to reach the patient, especially if they prefer to receive bills this way. An eStatement has direct links to the online payment portal so that patients can sign in and pay their obligation immediately. This billing form also eliminates the use of paper, therefore helping the environment.

All three of these technology-enabled services are easy and simple to implement into your printing, billing, and mailing processes. MailMyStatements leads the industry in advanced billing and payment technology for healthcare s and can help modernize your patient statements in any or all areas.

Sure healthcare technology has room for advancement but it’s super easy to simplify your billing and mailing processes and provide patients with convenient ways to pay.

Heather Turnbaugh is the Social Media and Brand Communications Coordinator at MailMyStatements. She enjoys snowboarding, working out, and napping.

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MailMyStatements is a technology-driven statement, payment, and collection vendor that specializes in simplifying the client billing process. #patientstatements

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